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July 5
Release of 'This Day' - new single with Ell & Hart >>

June 14
Release of 'Got to let you go - revisited' - through Ultra Music
Listen on Spotify: >>
Watch on YouTube >>

March 25-28
One of my songs, 'Neon Sky', is nominated for 'Best Pop/Electronic' at the yearly
International Dance Music Awards >>

January 21
Happy to announce that I have currently two songs on the Billboard Charts
this week!
'Neon Sky' - with Feenixpawl (AUS), feat. Mikayla >>

'Decisions' - with KREAM (NO) - feat. Maia Wright >>

December 7
Release of (T)his Christmas >>
a song dedicated to everyone who is - or feels homeless this Christmas.
Any earnings from this song is granted to the work of Stockholms Stadsmission.

November 24
Work-shop at the Artist Acadmy in songwriting methods
Interested in having me as a work-shop speaker/inspirer?
Mail me at: jade(at)jadeell.com

October 5
Release of 'Songs of Isla' (through Aloaded Music)
Now you can find it on all digital platforms >>

Thank you everyone for coming out to WY13 yesterday!
It was such a special night - celebrating both 20 years as an artist and songwriter - as well as the release of *Songs of Isla" (with Band of Jade)
Here's a live clip from the gig at WY13 (October 3) >>

This year I celebrate 20 year as an artist and songwriter!
Finally I get to share my very first music video, "Got to let you go" -
with the right sound online! (May 26, 2018 - recorded in September 1998!)

So many songs and so many different projects have inspired me along the way...
Still, I have always made sure to give room for writing personal reflections and songs that my soul needs to express in order to move on...

On October 3, I celebrate these 20 years by performing new and old songs at WY13, the new music venue located at Hellstens Glashus (Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 13).

I also get to perform with "Band Of Jade" and sign the songs we recorded a couple of years ago. These songs will finally be released the same week. Alos there will be a special guest perfomance by Magnus Skogsberg, where Ell & Hart are the featuring artists ( see more info below).

September 21
Release as a songwriter with KREAM - feat Maia Wright.
The song is called " Decisions"...

September 16
New music video and single out with the Swedish artist Magnus Skogsberg:
"Är Kärleken Svaret" (Swedish version of Bob Dylan's song Blowing In The Wind)
Ell & Hart are featuring artists (my music production with the excellent mixing by Joakim Buddee and mastering by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room.)

July 13
Release as a songwriter with the song "Crooked" - with Steve Void - feat. Maline

June 1
New music and a video out with my duo act "Ell & Hart" -
"Muddy Shoes", produced by Happy Tear AB.


December 15
Article in Fireworks Magazie UK
about the third Xanima album "Planet Hope" >>

November 10
Release of the third Xanima album; "Planet Hope" >>

September 30
Article about the unknown Peggy Lee song
"Long Hard Road To Happiness" in Shreveport Times, LA >>

September 27
Watch the live performance of
Long Hard Road To Happiness on YouTube >>

September 21
Now the unknown Peggy Lee song "Long Hard Road To Happiness"
is available for download online
To buy on iTunes >>

September 21
Special release of an unreleased Peggy Lee song!
The release will be digitally and celebrated by a one-time performance at
Glashuset WY13 on the very same day.

The request came from the co-writer, who wrote the song with Peggy Lee,
but who never got to record and release it herself...
I feel honoured to be chosed for this mission
The live event on facebook >>
The Peggy Lee Bulletin Board >>

July 20
"Summer In The City" - concert serie begins at the new venue:
Glashuset WY13
Ell & Hart LIVE

June 12
Ell & Hart's EP featured in HYMN >>

June 8
First ever gig at the new stage Glashuset WY13
Warm-up act for Bachelor Girl >>

June 8
Release of "Jot" - first EP with Ell & Hart >

March 3
Single out with Bladtkramer "While I'm Young" >

January 31
Ell & Hart will be performing at Equal At Heart in Örebro
19.00 East West
21.00 The Concert House
For tickets, go to >>

January 22
Ell & Hart's releasing their first single; "Hotel Of Hearts"
available on all digital plattforms now >>


December 16
Ell & Hart live at Café Rival from 5.30 pm
...the first live music ever at that venue:)

November 22
New Christmas Season Single out now: ONE

Buy it on iTunes here >>
Listen on Spotify here >>

October 31
Ell & Hart Got confirmed for a festival gig next year!
Will play at "Equal At Heart" - @East West and Konserthuset in Örebro on
January 31 in 2017

October 26
One of my songs hit one million plays on Spotify!;
Chemistry- Steve Void - feat. Clara Mae >>

October 5
SoundCLoud release of the remix by nERVE:
The nERVE Riddle! >>

September 2
Live At Heart festival
@ 8.00 pm, Heaven's Door, Örebro >>

August 17
Video premiere of "The Riddle" by the music blog:

August 16
Release of the new single"The Riddle" -
featuring the German artist Stefany June >>

To buy it on iTunes >>

June 10
Now you can listen to the new single I've co-written with the artist "Dotter":
Here's a link to a soundclip and review of "Creatures Of The Sun >>

June 3
New EP release with Xanima, called "Eyes Only" >>
(songwriter and singer)

May 20
Music for MTR Express TV 4 >>
(songwriter and producer)

Now you can hear my music in the commercial for MTR online
Article: Dagens Media >>

March 17
Jaden Joy perform at Noel's, Skånegatan 59, Sthlm.
Live event >>

March 8
New single out "Monster";
Sometimes there’s only one appropriate word to use - and sometimes I just have to react to the cruelty that’s occupying our world right now… Humans are supposed to be human - but has shown to be ”monsters” more than anything...

iTunes >>
#Monster #SaveUsFrom Ourselves #JadeMadeMusic2016
Spotify >>

October 27,
The album's out today:
Read about the KISS & Make-up album in Billboard >>

October 20
My own version of #Black Diamond is now included on the KISS & Make-Up album,
where female artists worldwide are making their own personal interpretation of famous KISS songs:
"Kiss & Make Up" album >>

August 15
Kungstorget, @ 21.45

August 8
Female Singer-songwriter scenen - @ 23.45

August 1
Release of the EP: "The Battle Is An Art",
in time for the Summer festivals (see "live")

June 17
Release of the song "Avalon"
I co-wrote for the amazing artist Clara Mae >>

May 27 - June 1
Mini tour with Band of Jade to Denmark and Germany

April 24
Release of the song "Dive"
I co-wrote for the beautiful artist Dotter >>

April 23
Will be performing with Band Of Jade
at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts >>
Lunch concert @ 12.30

March 12
"Struggles" is nr. 3 on www.musikvideotoppen.se this week
Thanks everyone for voting!!

Feb 11
The Battle Is An Art - an introduction to the new EP -
and a live art performance together with the artist
Catharina Lindqvist: On Youtube

Jan 26
Live at SR P4 Radio Värmland

Jan 2
Digital release of the single "Struggles" -
written and produced by Jade Ell. Spotify: Jade Ell – Struggles iTunes